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Greetings, I'm Aga, and I'm a full-time freelancer who loves scouring the internet for golden opportunities. My freelancing journey began way back in 2012 when, while still in college, I nabbed my first order from a Malaysian publisher via a simple FB message. Back then, I was all about being a freelance illustrator, as I studied Fine Arts with a major in Visual Communication Design at UNNES.

Hooked on scoring online gigs, I bravely scoured through different platforms for freelance work. Thankfully, the universe had my back and in 2016, the stars aligned and GAGESTUDIO was born. With a team of ten talented folks, I was able to take on projects with ease and grace💥

During the pandemic, and with the unstable economy, I had to suspend my studio and only worked with 2 freelance team members and my husband : Danang suyudi as an illustrator. I focused on marketing our services, maintaining clients, and also became his assistant😍

A huge shoutout to my time as a Google volunteer (2019-2021), it was a game-changer for me! I soaked up all the juicy skills like a sponge, from juggling finances as a freelancer to wowing clients with my savvy social media marketing. Now, I'm a totally different beast!💁 At the moment, my main gig is playing wingman to my hubby. I'm scouring freelance platforms, churning out content, penning blog articles, juggling finances, and overseeing projects like a boss.

I'm a multitasking pro! When I'm not pursuing my passions, I'm busy being a virtual assistant for a pal's biz. I get to do it all - managing chats, handling correspondence, working with clients, giving out design advice, and keeping everyone's schedule in check!💚

Becoming a freelancer requires a can-do attitude, a knack for learning, and the ability to juggle multiple tasks. That's why I'm here to dish out some wisdom for anyone who wants to take the plunge into full-time freelancing, just like yours truly!💪

Pssst...just between us, the lowdown I'm about to dish out is mostly from my own experience. But hey, keep your eyes peeled for other sources to expand your knowledge. Let's team up and create something amazing! Drop me a line at agablackjack@gmail.com to get started.

Thank you,

Best regards.

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